Who I Am?

advertisement-216907_1280WordPress recommends that I supply a laundry list of information about me and who I am. This is supposed to let my readers relate to me and perhaps understand.

I am unsure that this list is the best idea, so I am going to follow the ideas that Robert Fulghum placed in my brain years ago about how to define who I am. As he describes in “It Was On Fire When I Lay Down On It,” he is trying to be the best Fulghum that he can be. I suppose that is what I am as well, trying to be the best “Fadre” that I can be. I am a dad, father, boyfriend, lover, ex-husband, son, brother, uncle, friend, breather, eater, janitor, chauffeur, writer, citizen, dreamer, hugger, cook, manager, cleaner, teacher, sitter, player, and so on. This list changes daily and often. I am not just an occupation or a single title that defines me and who I am, and neither are you.

Reading this blog will enlighten you about me, and perhaps about you as well.


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