A matter of priority

garbage disposer view_0
Not my disposal

The garbage disposal went out today at the house. The outside casing cracked, which allows water to squirt out from it. It also stops the water from draining. Needless to say, this is an inconvenience. I have a sink that is half filled with water and dirty dishes. I have a dishwasher that is full of dirty dishes that I can’t wash since it will flood the rest of the sink. If I lived alone, this would be a small issue. In a house of eight people, this can quickly become a massive problem.

I called the maintenance number (I rent this house) to report the problem and let the lady know what was going on. After providing all the necessary information, she commented that she would let the maintenance team know. I thanked her and hung up. Then I waited…and waited…and waited for the maintenance team to contact me to fix the problem. They never called. Not a big surprise, especially since it is Sunday and no one wants to pay extra for a weekend emergency service call.

Funny thing about this issue is the level of importance that the parties have given it. My property management group has a website that I can request service from. It allows me to enter all the proper information and send it to my maintenance team. I chose to call the toll-free number, in a hope that this would be given a higher level of importance and perhaps expedite a repair. After waiting for hours, I went to see if a service request had been entered under my account. Here, on the website, was a service request with all the information that I had provided over the phone. All that my phone call did was allow someone else to enter the request online for me! And the funny thing, above the fact that I could have done this on my own, was that she placed this service call at a MEDIUM priority. Obviously, I had a different level of priority, so I was able to edit the service request and place it as a HIGH priority.

Hopefully tomorrow morning, I will get a call from a service provider wanting to come and replace this disposal. In the meantime…paper plates all around!

Photo courtesy of http://www.usinspect.com/sites/default/files/images/garbage%20disposer%20view_0.JPG


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