Times are a changing!


My son brought home a new project that he worked on at school today. He made some game pieces using a 3-D printer. I am certain that I thought it was cooler than he did. What a fantastic tool that they are getting to use that has so many applications that we are just starting to realize.

In junior high, I got to make a key-chain. We took pieces of plastic (that someone else had produced), glued them together, cut them how we wanted them, and then polished them. It was fun, and I put two pennies in them, but I really got very little out of the exercise. I did learn about adhesives and using the sander to cut down the pieces. But…not much that I would use in my future life.

Amazing how technology advances over time. The things that my children are learning today seemed impossible to me at their age. I am amazed at what they go through daily, and they seem to think nothing of it. I am able to relate to them in some ways, although it seems as I am losing grip yearly. I guess that it is good. They need to advance our society for everyone’s future. I am happy that they are able to handle this new found responsibility.

By the way, the pieces he made are part of Dr. Who (a TARDIS and a Dalek)…both of which I did not know until he told me.


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