Bound memories


m9867aMy grandma’s bathroom was nothing special. It was a small room with green carpet, the kind that was popular in the 70’s and 80’s. It had a formica sink in a small vanity and a bathtub with no shower. She had a selection of little soaps that she had collected over the years. They had a small layer of dust on them as they were not to be used, only enjoyed.

A small radio hung from the cabinet. It housed a toilet paper roll, although the radio never picked up any stations. The closet held the usual amount of items, including towels; soaps; and personal hygiene products. The toilet had a fuzzy cover over the lid, making it fall while it was up – which was challenging for a boy to go pee.

Beside the stool, in a little wooden container, lived her Reader’s digests. This little magazine in this little bathroom brings back memories for me. I would steal moments of time reading her copies. I fell in love with this magazine in her bathroom. The stories were entertaining and simple. The jokes tickled me and the stories made me smile.

Twenty-five years later, I am a subscriber to Reader’s digest. In this day, I can get information electronically at the touch of a cell-phone button. Television has 200 channels and runs 24-hours a day. But this little magazine, full of stories and jokes, quotes and quizzes, still attracts my attention.

I collect the issues and read them when I can. The magazine reminds me of simpler times. It reminds me of my grandma. The stories are both current and nostalgic. They make me smile and they make me cry. They make me think and they make me forget. I read them, dog-ear the issues where I have been, and I tear out the pages. I use the stories to provide motivation or insight. I find interesting ideas to use and I find fun ideas to implement. I have a file of pages the I have torn out that I plan on using to help me make this blog wonderful.

Reader’s digest is a wonderful memory to me. I am so happy that in this digital age, it is still printed in it’s traditional size. It fits just right in the basket that I keep next to my toilet in my little bathroom.




The other day I passed a car that had only one headlight working. It reminded me of a game that I played years before called “Padiddle.” The object of the game was to spot a vehicle with only one headlight; yell padiddle; and hit the ceiling of your car; all before anyone else in the car did. At that time, you would get a point. The winner would be the one who had the most points.

It seems to me that years ago, more vehicles operated with one headlight on. Technology has improved so much that today’s headlights last so much longer than before. Plus, cars now tell you when a headlight was out, while in the past you had to rely on your own perception of darkness to tell.

Either way, I played this game every time that I got into a car. My friends played this game. My brothers played this game. It was a simple game and it was enjoyable. We played it on five minute car rides and on long road trips. We did not have DVD players in our cars or Nintendo in our hands.

During high school, I was a member of the debate team. Being from Rapid City, we had limited options for debate tournaments, so we traveled across the state to compete. I spent so many hours riding in the back of a school van traversing the Interstate system in South Dakota. This time was passed in a variety of ways, and spent with great friends. We played a variety of games, including hearts and other card games. And we played Padiddle.

Our coach, Ms. Maass, was the Padiddle champion. Even though she had a natural advantage, riding in the front seat and paying attention to the road ahead of us, she still kicked our asses nearly every time. It was a challenge to beat her and we all enjoyed the chance to try. Occasionally, someone would sneak in a win against her; but that was rare to say the least.

Today, my children don’t play the Padiddle game. Ian knows the game, but he has never tried to play it with me.  The others aren’t even sure what it really is, and when I tell them, they look at me like I am nuts. Today they have cell phones, iPods and tablets that distract them while we are driving. They don’t have time for such simple pleasures. Perhaps when we take our next family road trip, I am going to start beating the roof of the car….


Evidently, Wikipedia has some info about it as well…



Happy 45


20160110_082409Celebrated my 45th birthday the other day. Woke up early and enjoyed the quiet as the rest of the house was happily sleeping in on their Sunday. The temperature outside read negative 14, so I started a fire in the stove and sat down with a Coke. I took a few minutes to evaluate my day, and enjoyed the thought of getting a few of my checklist items crossed off today.

Soon enough, the household stirred and the family began their lyrics of “Good Morning. Happy Birthday.” Got plenty of early morning hugs and a few quick kisses. Happiness spread over me and warmed my heart more than any fire burning.

I started checking off my list, while listening to my Spotify music service. I was introduced to Spotify by Tiffany a couple of years ago, as she started sending me music recommendations and songs that made her think of me or us. The first song that I “liked” on my Favorites list was American Pie by Don McClean. This song holds a number of great memories for me, which sometime I will share more in detail.

Anyway, I got the Valentine decorations put up; the air hockey table built and running; and Ainsley’s television set up in her bedroom. As my birthday winds down, I am reminded of how blessed I am. I got to enjoy the 45th celebration of my birth, surrounded by family that loves me. I am happy and healthy. I am warm and full. I am at ease with my career and my choices. I have wonderful friends, both near and far, who like and love me. I am safe and protected. I happy and content! Happy 45th to me! Love you all!!!



Division Win



I have been a fan of the Minnesota Vikings since the “Purple People Eaters” were dominating offensive lines. I have watched the team through highs and lows, always supporting my team. My baseball caps are Vikings and my jacket shares their logo. My middle son’s name is Carter, although I will leave it to you if he is named after either Anthony or Cris….

Today the Vikings won the NFC North division title. They wrestled it away from the Green Bay Packers, who played a very good game. It is fun to celebrate the win and the the Division, since we have not been here since 2009. It was even more fun since we defeated the Packers to claim the title.

I love the rivalry that the Packers and the Vikings have. It is fun and also cordial. I think that most fans for both teams appreciate the other team, and have fun poking fun at each other. I personally have a lot of respect to the Packers organization and the way they are structured. I believe that all communities should have more “involvement” with their team that they are devoted to. It creates ownership as well as security for both the team and community. Unfortunately, no team will restructure their organization to emulate the Packers’ system.

For now, I am enjoying the win and am looking forward to next weekend when the Vikes get to play the Seahawks at home in Minneapolis. Until then, SKOL VIKINGS!



So, it has been an awfully long time since I have written anything on this blog. And I am extremely disappointed with that fact. It has weighed on me daily as I enjoy blogging and all that comes with it.

There are so many things that I can blog about since the last time that I was here, it is hard to decide just what to say in this visit to my site. With that in mind, I am just going to mention that I am resolved to blog more often. I am excited to share all that has happened in the past since I was last here. I am excited to share all that life will bring to me this year and other years to come.

I am resolved to celebrate 2016. I am resolved to embrace life and the challenges that it brings. I am resolved to enjoy my family more. I am resolved to listen more and talk less. I am resolved to record my thoughts and feelings so that my family knows who I am.

2016. Resolved!