Happy 45

20160110_082409Celebrated my 45th birthday the other day. Woke up early and enjoyed the quiet as the rest of the house was happily sleeping in on their Sunday. The temperature outside read negative 14, so I started a fire in the stove and sat down with a Coke. I took a few minutes to evaluate my day, and enjoyed the thought of getting a few of my checklist items crossed off today.

Soon enough, the household stirred and the family began their lyrics of “Good Morning. Happy Birthday.” Got plenty of early morning hugs and a few quick kisses. Happiness spread over me and warmed my heart more than any fire burning.

I started checking off my list, while listening to my Spotify music service. I was introduced to Spotify by Tiffany a couple of years ago, as she started sending me music recommendations and songs that made her think of me or us. The first song that I “liked” on my Favorites list was American Pie by Don McClean. This song holds a number of great memories for me, which sometime I will share more in detail.

Anyway, I got the Valentine decorations put up; the air hockey table built and running; and Ainsley’s television set up in her bedroom. As my birthday winds down, I am reminded of how blessed I am. I got to enjoy the 45th celebration of my birth, surrounded by family that loves me. I am happy and healthy. I am warm and full. I am at ease with my career and my choices. I have wonderful friends, both near and far, who like and love me. I am safe and protected. I happy and content! Happy 45th to me! Love you all!!!



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