40 Days


40 Days…Jesus fasted in the desert.

40 Days…Goliath challenged the Israelites before David bested him.

40 Days (& nights)…it rained before flooding the earth and Noah set forth on the ark.

40 Days…Jesus rose from the dead and ascended into heaven.

40 Days…during the season of Lent.

40 Days…Moses spent on Mount Sinai before receiving the ten commandments.

40 Days…I get married.

Currently, my days are numbered…but not in a dismal way. In 40 days, I will be married. I will be celebrating a new chapter in my life with my new wife and our new family. We will commit our lives to each other and share our love with the world.

In the meantime…we have 40 days

…to write or choose our vows;

…get our dress and suits fitted;

…to find and purchase our gifts to our family and attendants;

…to plan the fairy garden that we are creating at the service venue;

…to finalize our Honeymoon Itinerary;

…to decide on and complete about another hundred items on our “To Do” lists.

40 Days…many significant events have occurred during the span of forty days. Many would question my comparing my next 40 days to these historical moments; although to me, they will be significant and historical. Let the countdown continue…


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