Every year people spend this time reflecting on the past year. Perhaps we had a bad year and we hope for something better. Perhaps we had a good year and look forward to continuing that momentum. However, life generally is not that neat. A year is not either good or bad. Some days are good and others are not. Even hours and minutes can change direction multiple times as we move forward in the year.

Overall, I have had a good year. I smiled and laughed more than I have frowned and cried. I experienced ups more than downs. I have had wonderful little moments that mean so much, and big moments that mean even more.

My family is healthy. We are fortunate that our biggest health concern is Ainsley’s orthodontics. Ian’s autism is certainly always on our mind, however, he does so well most of the time, it is easy to let it slip away from time to time. The children are getting older and bigger. They are growing up.

My family having a taste testing

My family is happy. They smile and enjoy their lives. They share time with each other and with their dear friends. We eat supper together at the dinner table more often than not, and we experience what is going on in each others lives. Eventhough we share activities les than before, we still share many. And they politely endure my photography and my desire to continue engaging in community activities.

20160619_081126My family is safe. We have a wonderful home that is warm and dry. Our grass is green and our neighbors are friendly. We are protected from the outside in our home and it provides a setting for much of our lives.

So much has happened this past year, that it would be impossible to celebrate all the events and memories. Each of the kids had milestones and events. They are progressing in their lives, both socially and academically.

The family at the Como Zoo in St.Paul, MN

We spent time traveling to various cities as either a couple or a group.

And in June, Tiffany and I got married! It was so much fun to celebrate this moment and memory with so many people and I am very lucky to have Tiffany as my wife.

Celebrating our new marriage
The happy couple

After spending time reviewing, and reliving all these memories, I have made a decision that I am intending to participate in the thought per day movement. I think that this is so much fun to do and hope that it will allow me to reflect daily on what my life truly means.

My New Year Resolution

Here’s to a special 2017. God bless and hold hands!



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