Fall Post

IMG_4286 (2.2).jpg

Fall is my favorite season. The colors are beautiful, the smells are fantastic, and the weather is wonderful. Browns, reds, and yellows are abundant. Oranges are perhaps my favorite colors to photograph and occasionally you get a splash of purple.

I took this photo while we were traveling along the Big Sioux River by Dell Rapids, SD. THey have amazing rock formations along the river, and that was what I was there to photograph. But, as fate usually allows, I found this post along the way and it captured my moment. The colors of the lichen are compelling and the barbed wire adds such visual strong elements to the colors.

Makes me wonder how long ago this post was placed. Maybe a year ago, maybe a century. The elements have weathered it, but not destroyed. Nature has taken hold of it, but yet it still stands against it. It’s there to hold order to its surrounding. It keeps things out, yet also keeps things in.

Hold hands…


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