Winter at the Falls

Upper Falls

    Upper falls at Falls Park, Sioux Falls, SD

The falls are a favorite place of mine to photograph. It brings families and individuals together. I get to see so many people from all walks down there. We have met locals and visitors. Families and couples. Many other photographers and anglers. Kids fearlessly climb the rocks, and mothers fearfully tell them to be careful. Dogs greet me as I walk, and their owners smile as I pet them. Couples & families take selfies, and I offer to take their photos for them. Just a friendly and welcoming environment.

Every year around Christmas time, we make an annual trek to see Falls Park. The city does a wonderful job of decorating the area with Christmas lights and decorations. It is about as festive as it gets and makes a joyful feeling about the holidays coming and past. The cold comes, and I wait for the snow to blanket the area.

The lights make for uniques and fun photographs, and I really look forward to trying new things with my camera at this time. I love the snow and the ice, as it makes for such wonderful juxtaposition against the dirt and rocks. The water still flows, while being suspended in ice in areas of the park. Just wonderful.

My family is so wonderful at this time. They know what joy it brings me to go to the falls and take my photos. They join me on this annual trek, braving the cold and the wind, to look at the lights and watch me take pictures. I think that the promise of hot cocoa or coffee encourages them to come, but that eventually chills as well.

I take many photos at the falls. I highlight them often, and much more will come. Hopefully, my family will keep coming with me as I take these photos, as they are not only some of my greatest subjects to shoot, but they truly are some of my greatest inspirations.


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