Serenity Tree


This image makes me want to write some poetry or something meaningful. It’s a serene image and I love the way the white really offsets the darkness of the tree trunks. It makes me feel calm and peaceful when I look at it. I even used a white watermark so as to not upset the serenity of the image.

Sometimes, as we look for excitement and energy in our lives (or our photography) the simple and serene can get missed. I spent the morning out taking photos after this simple and soft snowfall from the night before. The fields had not been trampled on and the wind had not blown the frost from the branches. It was still and quiet, even though I was surrounded by the bustling of the city. To the left of the area, children were happily playing on their playground. The church parking lot was full but not busy.

This image celebrates the mood of the morning for me. I was enjoying being out by myself with just my camera and Spotify playing in the car. It was peaceful to feel brisk, although not overly cold, weather on my skin. Winter is a season that I enjoy and I rejoice in the peaceful feeling that it brings.


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