Crystal Steel


I don’t take many macro shots. It was never something I really looked at until one day my son Carter took some close-up photos using my camera. He showed them to me and I was impressed. The angle was interesting and so was the perspective. It is cool to see the close-up world through the lens of a camera. When you look through your viewfinder, it really focuses your sight and minimizes the “noise” around you.

This chain was draped in front of a set of steps at the Falls Park in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In the winter the weather obvious gets very cold and the location has a lot of water flowing around. This spot is especially wet as it is near the falls and the spray can reach the viewing area. That leads to a very slippery situation, which the city wants to protect people from.

On this morning, the water was flowing even though the falls are frozen on the surface. The mist from the falls was not floating up to this location, but the haze from the morning fog was heavy in the air. That is what caused the ice crystals to form on the cold metal of the chain.

The sun was attempting to work its way through the fog and to warm up the earth. Eventually, it would shine and the crystals would melt under its power. Until then, I forever have their presence captured in time.

Hold hands…


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