Puppy Paws


I took this photo while I was laying on the floor looking up at my dog as he lay on my chair. I love the way that small hairs peek between the pads. I enjoy tickling those hairs, although he does not seem to enjoy it as much as I do.

He uses these paws to achieve so much. He is a rescue dog, so we truly have no idea what he went through for the first four years of his life, but we can say what we have seen this past year. He uses these paws to pull my wife’s hands back after she stops scratching his back. He uses these paws to grab toys and hold onto his rawhide and bones. These paws bring joy and happiness to our family each day.

Taking photos offers me an opportunity to look at things that can be ordinary and common in a different perspective. I enjoy laying on the floor and looking at life upd=sied down. I enjoy getting into the leaves and branches, seeing the light through the darkness. I enjoy climbing the rocks and looking at the world from on high. Photography is a wonderful gift and a true pleasure. The common becomes extraordinary. The world becomes open.

Hold hands… (and paws)…


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