Kitty play

My cat Mischka playing with her toy. She generally is pretty reserved with the way she behaves. Rarely does she let her guard down and let her kitty flag fly. But, on a rare occasion, she really lets loose and has some fleeting moments of kitty-like joy.

This toy provides her an outlet to have those moments. She plays hard with it. If you notice, the toy is actually upside down in the photo. She attacked it hard. She dominated the toy and flipped it over. The ball never really stands a chance. She devotes her energy to this game. She gets right in there and uses both paws to play. She lays on it. Frequently, she will get the ball out of the track and then she bats it all over the room.

This will continue for minutes, or until someone acknowledges that she is playing. Then, the game is over as quickly as it began. She slowly walks away from the toy, nonchalantly not acknowledging the toy or what just happened. But, if you are paying attention, she will glance back at it and give it a little meow. Letting the toy know that she owns it.

Hold hands…

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