Hitch a dream


I always enjoy the unexpected when I am out taking photos. The morning I was out looking for landscape shots of the rising sun. I searched two different locations to find a scene I thought would be perfect. I toiled and turned. Nothing really stood out as spectacular.

Frustrated, and getting colder, I was passing a path and set my camera bag down to take a shot over the horizon. When I reached down to pick up my bag, I saw this little cast iron piece sticking out of the snow.

I don’t really know what it is used for exactly. It looks like a hitch or something like that. It is sunken into the ground and has a ring attached to it. Not sure if it is old, it just appears to be. I just know that I enjoy the texture of the piece. It stood starkly against the white snow, but the browns blended in nicely with the surrounding grasses. The cold metal added to the briskness of the morning. The lichen growing on it always makes me think of the Black Hills in South Dakota where I grew up.

The morning was a good morning. I might not have gotten the perfect sunrise photo I planned on, but I had a wonderful peaceful morning that brought me a number of memorable pictures. That is truly something to hitch a dream on.

Hold hands…

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