Color reveals


In the winter, sometimes it is hard to find color. The snow blankets the earth, and all things upon it. It buries the grass and the soil. Plants and flowers die or hibernate. Animals hideaway for the season. Frost and ice cover what the snow misses. The sky hides behind clouds and gray. Color hides.

Sometimes, though, there are glimpses of hidden color. Sometimes the fall left some color behind, and the snow missed it. Other times, the Spring is coming a bit early and forcing the frost to release the color. The sun shines. The stars sparkle. Color reveals itself.

Color is never really gone. It’s always there, but sometimes we can’t see it. Sometimes it is hidden or buried. Sometimes, we are so caught up in the achromatic that we miss the color that is hiding right in front of us. The fun part of life is that the color always comes back. Sometimes we find it when we are looking. Most of the time, we find it when we are not looking. Color finds us.

Hold hands…

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