Tower House


This building is the old Queen Bee Mill tower house. It is located in Falls Park in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It is the only remaining wood structure from the mill. The main structure of the mill is located just south of this building off the river. All that remains of that building is the stone foundation and walls.

I love that this building is still standing. You can actually see under it if you look through the brick foundation. It is positioned right on the river, resting next to a natural outcrop of the falls.

The engineers and planners who designed and built the mill truly were amazing. They knew how to capitalize on the natural advantages of the river and the falls. Unfortunately, the mill never reached it’s potential. In fact, due to the size and scope of the project (and the costs involved in such a structure), the mill was bankrupt after only 2 years.

Although the Queen Bee Mill failed, the hope is still evident. The tower house still stands and harkens a past that was promising. It reminds us of ambition and ingenuity. It reminds me that our ancestors knew how to build things with strength and lastingness. They took time to concern themselves with longevity in mind. I am grateful that they did, as I get to enjoy the fruits of their endeavors to this day.

Hold hands…

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