Cat Cuddles

We truly enjoy having both of these cats. They provide us with many great snuggles and wonderful companionship. They are special members of our family and they are precious to all.

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Chasing flies

Besides playing the game, we would enjoy watching the game. Sometimes I would sit in the crow’s nest and announce my brother’s game. Other times I would sit in the bleachers and spit sunflower seeds with my team-mates. Many times, I would stand along the fence line and hope for foul balls to be hit. 

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Crystal Steel

The sun was attempting to work its way through the fog and to warm up the earth. Eventually, it would shine and the crystals would melt under its power. Until then, I forever have their presence captured in time.

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Golden morning

Fortunately, the sun still laying low on the horizon when I arrived at the Arboretum. I quickly drove to the bottom of the hill, in an effort to get a unique vantage point within the trees. Everything was still looking good as I pulled along side of the field.

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Serenity Tree

Sometimes, as we look for excitement and energy in our lives (or our photography) the simple and serene can get missed. I spent the morning out taking photos after this simple and soft snowfall from the night before.

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Frozen Falls

I shared the park with a young couple who were taking selfies and pictures of each other. They were enjoying the same location as I was, so I offered to take their picture for them, using their camera on their cell phone. They accepted my offer and I snapped a couple of pictures.

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Winter at the Falls

The falls are a favorite place of mine to photograph. It brings families and individuals together. I get to see so many people from all walks down there. We have met locals and visitors. Families and couples. Many other photographers and anglers. Kids fearlessly climb the rocks, and mothers fearfully tell them to be careful. Dogs greet me as I walk, and their owners smile as I pet them. Couples & families take selfies, and I offer to take their photos for them. Just a friendly and welcoming environment. 

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