Times are a changing!



My son brought home a new project that he worked on at school today. He made some game pieces using a 3-D printer. I am certain that I thought it was cooler than he did. What a fantastic tool that they are getting to use that has so many applications that we are just starting to realize.

In junior high, I got to make a key-chain. We took pieces of plastic (that someone else had produced), glued them together, cut them how we wanted them, and then polished them. It was fun, and I put two pennies in them, but I really got very little out of the exercise. I did learn about adhesives and using the sander to cut down the pieces. But…not much that I would use in my future life.

Amazing how technology advances over time. The things that my children are learning today seemed impossible to me at their age. I am amazed at what they go through daily, and they seem to think nothing of it. I am able to relate to them in some ways, although it seems as I am losing grip yearly. I guess that it is good. They need to advance our society for everyone’s future. I am happy that they are able to handle this new found responsibility.

By the way, the pieces he made are part of Dr. Who (a TARDIS and a Dalek)…both of which I did not know until he told me.

Kodak Moment

Me taking pictures at Christmas time

Me taking pictures at Christmas time

I love photos. I take pictures all the time. I have a digital camera that I leave in my car that I keep for “emergency” photo ops. I have a camera sitting next to me on my desk as I write this.

I take these pictures for a number of reasons. I take them as this is my past. My dad took photos as I was growing up. He even developed them himself for a while. My personal history is preserved in these pictures. I see those pictures and I remember. This is my past and I enjoy.

I have old photos of school, where my classmates and I were together. I see them now, and remember times that we would play together. Their pictures bring many fond times to mind. I have photos of sports that I played. He would take pictures of his kids as well as other kids on the team. He would then make a print for the other families so that they would have pictures of their children. I do that as well.

I take pictures as these are my memories. I photograph my children, my family, my surroundings, all things. These are the times, places, and people who I wish to remember. Digital photography makes it so simple to capture these moments and hold onto them.

I take photographs for my future. My pictures will stay with me and my family for as long as someone wants them. My kids will have these photos for their lives and I hope that they look back on them in the future and remember. I will be able to look back at them and remember as well. I will share them with my kids, and their kids, as well as family and friends.

I will laugh, I will cry, and I will remember. For in life, the one thing that truly makes all of unique is our memories.