Sleeping Geese


When I found this pond that had the geese sleeping on it, I was afraid that my presence would spook them all and pretty soon all I would see was a bunch of geese butts flying away. Fortunately, I was able to remain relatively anonymous and they all stayed sleeping or lazily enjoying their morning.

The sun had risen to a higher point (still within the golden hour) and that allowed me to get the nice golden hue on the water as it was hidden from the sun by a stone embankment. There were geese everywhere, and ducks also, peacefully harmonizing with each other.

I needed a telephoto lens to take this picture, since the opening of the pond was near the middle and there was little paths that I could take to get any closer. I wanted to capture a hint of the mist that the water was producing while still getting as clear of a picture of the geese.

Hope that you enjoy.

Hold hands…

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