Cat Cuddles


Our two cats share a special bond. They are both rescue cats that we got at the same time. They did not come together and they are not from the same family originally. Dart, the gray short-hair, was left at the Humane Society by his previous owner. Mishca, the blond Persian, was left at the shelter since her previous owner passed away.

Although they never knew each other prior to our adoption, they have been really close to each other since the day we picked them up. They take care of each other, they groom each other, and they are inseparable in many ways. They enjoy snuggling with each other, although it usually ends up with them fighting.

They are both different types of cats with different personalities. Dart is more independent and is more playful. He snuggles on his terms and enjoys sleeping (or playing) underneath the blankets. He attacks the laser pointer and chases lights of all kinds. His purring is loud enough to be heard from across the room and he drools when he is being petted.

Mishca is more social but likes to be left alone. She snuggles when she wants and loves to sleep at the top of peoples heads. She enjoys the sink and loves to drink milk. Human food is meant for her, and she will head-butt you when she is comfortable with you. She is the better hunter and usually instigates the rough-housing between the cats.

We truly enjoy having both of these cats. They provide us with many great snuggles and wonderful companionship. They are special members of our family and they are precious to all. Plus, they offer me a wonderful chance to enjoy taking their pictures.

Hold hands…


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