Division Win


I have been a fan of the Minnesota Vikings since the “Purple People Eaters” were dominating offensive lines. I have watched the team through highs and lows, always supporting my team. My baseball caps are Vikings and my jacket shares their logo. My middle son’s name is Carter, although I will leave it to you if he is named after either Anthony or Cris….

Today the Vikings won the NFC North division title. They wrestled it away from the Green Bay Packers, who played a very good game. It is fun to celebrate the win and the the Division, since we have not been here since 2009. It was even more fun since we defeated the Packers to claim the title.

I love the rivalry that the Packers and the Vikings have. It is fun and also cordial. I think that most fans for both teams appreciate the other team, and have fun poking fun at each other. I personally have a lot of respect to the Packers organization and the way they are structured. I believe that all communities should have more “involvement” with their team that they are devoted to. It creates ownership as well as security for both the team and community. Unfortunately, no team will restructure their organization to emulate the Packers’ system.

For now, I am enjoying the win and am looking forward to next weekend when the Vikes get to play the Seahawks at home in Minneapolis. Until then, SKOL VIKINGS!


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