Photo of our cat Dart. He is a beautiful short-haired cat that truly has a Cattitude. He can one of the most aloof cats I have ever seen, but then the next minute he will be sitting on your lap purring up a storm.

He is a joy to have around. He can truly be a cat, playing with string and chasing lights. He will ignore all that is going on around the house, but when my wife opens the treat door, he jumps to attention.

His Cattitude sign rests on the floor next to his cat perch. He lays in it for hours, sleeping the day away, and looks out and judges the dogs as they are being buffoons. He has little time for their playing and about as much interest in what the kids are doing as well. But, when he wants attention, he will be right next to me jumping on my lap and demand to be petted.

Cattitude is a lifestyle…and he lives it.

Hold hands… (and paws)…


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